Protect hotel’s reputation & increase your revenue

The most efficient and effective in-house Feedback & Marketing solution for Hotels

Evaluate your services while your guests are still in the hotel!

Increases revenues by the real-time hotel’s services promo notifications!



A social Wi-Fi solution focusing on Hotel’s

for in-house Feedback & Marketing

Get Feedback & Promote Services


via Hotel’s Wi-Fi

The Benefits

Generates 10 times more engagement than any other means

Increases revenues by the real-time hotels’ services promo notifications, via Wi-Fi

700% more reviews and real-time feedback than any other means

Hotel increases its published positive reviews and decreases negative reviews

Increases direct bookings by follow up email campaigns

Hotel solves any problem that may arise when the guests are still in the hotel

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HotelFeedback Characteristics

  • Exploits the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and converts it to a powerful in-house Marketing & Feedback tool

  • Creates a database with guests' profile (name, email, country, day of visit, demographics, etc.)

  • Sends via Wi-Fi, banner notifications for hotel’s promo, events and offers

  • Creates marketing email campaigns for in-house guests

  • Sends via Wi-Fi, questionnaires to survey hotel services in real-time

  • Posts in real-time to Google, the in-house guests reviews

  • Sends reliable reviews to TripAdvisor using review express